John Hankey

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John Hankey

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? - 1596


Variously described as tanner and merchant, and as innkeeper; of Boughton, Chester.

John Hankey was married in 1559 to Margery Bawdon (who died in 1592).

Father of Robert Hanky of Darnall and of Richard Hanky.

John Hankey was Sheriff in 1557, Alderman in 1567 and Mayor of Chester in 1572.

In the year of his mayoralty, the Chester Miracle Plays were performed, against the wills of the Bishops of Canterbury, York and Chester and ‘an Inhibition was sent from the Archbishop to stay them, but it came too late.’

The Miracle Plays were performed once more in 1575, for the last time, in defiance of an inhibition sent down from York by the Archbishop.

For this dire offence, the mayor and John Hankey were summoned to appear before the Privy Council in London, to answer for their contempt, but with what result is not known.

During his Mayoralty, John Hankey persuaded the Corporation to convey to him the land lying between the Gallows in Boughton (opposite to which his inn stood) and the river, on the ground that the land was too steep for building on, and quite worthless owing to the rain which trickled from the roadside to the river.

Also during his Mayoralty he was involved in substantial efforts for the relief of the poor of Chester.

John Hanky obtained a grant of arms on 6 Sep 1580 (Arms: Per pale gules and azure, a wolf salient argent).

He died in 1596.