Hankeys of Churton

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Hankeys of Churton

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The known ancestry of the Hankeys of Churton is based on the Visitation of Cheshire, 1580:

Est. date of birth


1400                        Robert Hanky of  Churton


                |                                                   |

1425                        John Hanky    =Jane Bostock                        Robert

                              dau of Robert Bostock of Churton


1450                        John Hanky    =Elizabeth Crew  (d 1506)

              (m 1473; d 1497)         dau of Randall Crew of Holt


1505                        Hugh Hanky    =Alice Troutbeck

              d 1562                 dau of Robert Troutbeck of Wafford


                |                                                   |

1530                        John Hanky    =Elenor Chetewood                        Thomas

              d 1590                 dau of Robert Chetewood Arms 1566         of Worleston                        SP


  |                                   |                                  ||||

Elenor =Edward Porter                Anne =Robert Bostock                Margery=Robert Hall of Newton of Barton, Bucks  Churton                        Alice

                                                              Jane        =Richard Vale of Chester



The Hankeys of Churton died out when John Hankey, gentleman, of Churton (who bore the Hankey arms in 1566), had only six daughters.

The Hankeys of Fenchurch Street were almost certainly descended from a son of one of his predecessors, though the evidence for this may have been lost owing to the destruction of the registers of Broxton by fire.


The first of the family recorded in London was Randall Hankye, in the 1581 Subsidy Roll for St Olave’s Parish.

Thomas Hankey married Margaret Lashley on 17 Feb 1594 at St Lawrence Pountney.