Sydney Thornhill Alers

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Sydney Thornhill Alers

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1869 - 1946


Born in 1869 at Wokingham, elder son of Sydney Alers Hankey. Educated at Sunningdale and Eton. Major 2nd Life Guards.

He was married in 1895 at Marylebone to Gertrude Elena Elizabeth D’Arcy (d 1913), their descendants in the male line being:


Thomas Sydney D’Arcy        


In winning Eton team at Lords, 1914. 9th Lancers. He married on 5 Dec 1921 Angela Nugent Head,younger sister of his father’s 2nd wife

David Hugh Sydney


Sydney married secondly on 19 Sep 1914 Helena Constance Nugent Head, eldest daughter of Major Henry Nugent Head of The Lodges, Strangford, Co.Down; by her he had two sons:

Richard Sydney



John Sydney




Sydney died on 30 Jul 1946, having lost two of his three sons and his only grandson in the war.