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What is the Field Trial Management System©?


To put it simply FTMS© is an on-line management system that guides a Field Trial Secretary or Working Test Secretary through the process of setting up a Trial or Working Test and steers an Owner through the process of entering the Trial or Working Test.


The benefits are as follows:


Members. A person need only be on the system once thus preventing duplication across all Clubs. So if a person’s details change, then that information is available across the system.

Dogs. The system contains an extensive database of dogs and parentage, qualifications and prefixes. This means that when entering a dog into a Trial, the details of that dog are immediately and permanently accessible.

Clubs. Clubs and Officers of the Club contact details are always available, in one place.

Judges. A list of Judges is always available.

Owners. Details are entered once and once only.

‘One stop shopping’   No need to trawl through 120+ web sites – Trials are all displayed in one place.

Enter a Trial or Working Test on-line – no paper, no postage, no emails.

Automated collection of fees.