Test Information

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Test Information

You will now need to perform the following functions:

Prepare Test Information

Email the Test to Owners


Along with the Running Order, you will need to email various instructions about the Test.

This is prepared as follows:

1.Login in the normal way.

2.Scroll down to the Club of your choice.

3.Click on the ‘Tests’ link.

4.For the Test in question, click on the EDIT link.




5.You will see the EDIT screen




6.Enter any information you wish into the Test Info block. Note that you can format the text any way you wish (just like WORD).




7.Don’t forget to SAVE the record once you have done this.

8.When you now email out the Draw all this information will appear at the top of the email before the list of runners.



Now that you have completed the information that is emailed with the Running Order, you can proceed to email the Running Order.