Payment for a Test

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Payment for a Test

If a Club has elected to collect Entry fees on-line , FTMS guides the User through the payment process.


This affects the situation where Clubs are accepting on-line entries and wish entry fees to the Tests to be paid on-line.

In this scenario, when a user makes an entry, a payment screen then takes you to Paypal to initiate the transfer of funds.


Here’s how………..

Once you have completed your entry, it will appear on the list of entries to that particular Test.


Against each Entry you will see a Payment link.

Where there is a number on the Payment link. i.e. Payment(1), then the user has either attempted to make a payment or was successful in making a payment.

How do I know if the payment was successful…..?

If the Payment link has NO number against it, then you have not paid or attempted to pay.

If you hover over this link a pop-up box will state “Details found None”

If the Payment link has a number against, hover over it.

You will see the Payment details.
If it includes a Paypal status ‘PAYMENT RECEIVED’ and a Paypal Transaction ID, then you have paid successfully.

No further action is required.


If you have not paid, you can do so now.


Here’s how…..


Click on the Payment link



You will see this screen



You will then see this screen


Enter the amount you want to pay, i.e. the Entry Fee (see the Test Schedule)

Click ‘CLICK HERE TO PAY’ and follow the Paypal links.

Once you have paid successfully, Paypal will return a status code and TransactionID which will be recorded against your payment.