Payment by PayPal

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Payment by PayPal


Clubs typically hold two types of Events:


Field Trials

Working Tests

Applicants for both types of Events are required to pay to enter, a sum which is set by the Club and varies from Club to Club.

A Field Trial has two occasions on which a payment may/must be made:

i.On initially entering the Event.
Known as an Administration or Nomination Fee, this fee is charged by some Clubs, but not all.

ii.Before the Event
Once the Draw has been completed, some applicants are required to pay an Entry Fee.
Some Clubs may elect to collect Entry fees on a 'Pay on the Day' method.


A Working Test has one entry payment only taken when the applicant enters the Test


Club Set-up Profile (Ft/Wt Secs only)

Use of the FTMS On-Line payment system is entirely optional.

To manage those options, within the Club’s record are three checkboxes:


Admin/Nom feeThis to be checked if a Club is making this charge for Trials and wishes to use the on-line payment system.
Trial Entry feeThis to be checked if the Club wishes to collect Trial Entry fees on-line.
Test Entry feesThis to be checked if a Club wishes to collect Working Test Entry fees on-line.