On-line payments - overview

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On-line payments - overview


FTMS is an on-line service that allows participating Clubs and Societies to set up Field Trials and Working Tests and allows Users to enter the Trials and Tests.

The final link in the process is payments for Trials and Tests.


Research has shown that over two-thirds of Users have expressed a wish to be able to pay on-line.

In order to manage this hurdle, an FTMS Bank account has been created into which, in the first instance, Entry and Admin fees are paid. Subsequently the fees are paid to the Club as a gross sum, into a Bank account of their choice.



3.Club Management

Clubs typically hold two types of Events:


Field Trials

Working Tests

Applicants for both types of Events are required to pay to enter, a sum which is set by the Club and varies from Club to Club.

A Field Trial has two occasions on which a payment may/must be made:

1.On initially entering the Event.
Known as an Administration or Nomination Fee, this fee is charged by some Clubs, but not all.

2.Before the Event
Once the Draw has been completed, some applicants are required to pay an Entry Fee.


 A Working Test has one entry payment only taken when the applicant enters the Test.