Secretary's Section

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Secretary's Section

This section is intended for Field Trial and Working Tests Secretaries.

Many of the functions described are not available to the general User.

Once a Club has agreed to accept on-line entries via FTMS, it is very important that you make it quite clear how you expect Triallers/Testers to submit their entries and fees, and how you intend to publish the Draw.

Please note that the procedures outlined below can also be applied to Working Tests.

The Trial Schedule may be published on your Club website, emailed or dispatched by post. In both cases you must clearly state, for example:

“Entries will be accepted on-line via FTMS”

“Entry fees are due to be paid on the day of the Trial”

“If you are entering on-line, there is no Admin fee”

“If you are submitting a paper entry, please enclose an Admin fee of £3.00 made payable to ……”

“The Draw, which will be carried out by computer random selection, will be emailed to all Owners immediately after the Draw has taken place. It will also be available to view on-line.”

“If you wish to withdraw your entry, please contact the Ft Secretary.”

“The Closing Date is the last date that you will be able to enter on line. So, for example, if the Closing date is 10th October, you may enter on line up to and including 10th October.”