Getting Started

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Getting Started

Welcome to the Field Trial Management System !


Now that you are a Member, here is a suggested plan to get you going.



1.        Read GETTING STARTED for latest news.







2.        Here is the User Guide







3.        Before you can 'see' any Clubs, you will need to add the Clubs of your choice to 'Clubs & Societies (My List)'

 See the User Guide here for how to do it.






4.        CONTACT details. Check your details are present, if not add them, not forgetting your email address. You can also EDIT your Contact details. See the User Guide section 'Contacts'.


5.        DOGS. Check if your Dog(s) are on the database, if not add them. You can also EDIT your Dog(s) details. See the User Guide 'Dogs' section.


6.        Email Notifications. FTMS periodically alerts you to Trials and Draws. You can select from which Clubs you would like to receive these emails. See the User Guide section 'Clubs' for how to do this.


7.        How to Enter Field Trial and Working Tests. See sections in User Guide.