Enter a Working Test

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Enter a Working Test

A Schedule for a Test will be listed on FTMS whether or not the Club is accepting on-line entries.

You can enter a Test on-line only if the Club is accepting on-line entries.


How do I know if a Club is accepting on-line entries?

The Schedule for the Test contains an ‘on-line’ check box which will be ticked.



You cannot enter a Test on-line if:

a.The Club is not accepting on-line entries.

b.The Entry Closing Date has been exceeded.

c.The Dog has already been entered in the Test. i.e. you cannot enter the same Dog twice.

BEFORE you enter a Test on-line, make sure that:

a.The details of the Dog are present and correct.

b.The Qualifications (if required)  of the Dog are present and correct.


How to Enter a Test


1.Login to FTMS.

2.From the Main Menu select Clubs and Societies.

3.Select the ‘Tests’ link for the Club whose Test you wish to enter.



4.The number on the Tests link (i.e. Tests(1)) indicates the number of Tests on FTMS for that Club.

5.Scroll down (if necessary) to the Schedule you are interested in.

6.At the top of the Schedule, select ‘Test Enter Details’



7.You will see listed entries that have already been made.

8.If you are the first to enter, you will not see any entries. Click on ‘Enter Test click here'.




9.Complete the on-line entry form.




10.Check the box that you accept the KC Regulations.



11.Click the box ‘ Enter this Test'.


How do I know if my entry has been successful?

a.You will see your entry listed at the top of the list.

b.You will receive an email confirming your entry.


I want to withdraw my entry – how do I do it?

Users do not have the necessary permissions to remove an entry.

You will need to contact the appropriate WT Secretary who can do it for you.