Emailing Members

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Emailing Members

This section explains how you can email your members.


In the previous section 'Analytics' we obtained a list of all members whose interest is 'Field Trials - Retriever'.


We now want to send all those members an email.


Here's how.......


1.With the list on the screen, select all the records by clicking on the little white button.






2.Click on the button 'Email Selected'.



3.You will now see this warning............


Depending on how your PC is configured, you may need to press the Control key and OK button at the same time.






4.Complete the form putting your email address in the 'Reply to...' box





5.You can attach any file to the email, such as Schedules, Club Notices, etc

Just click on 'Add Files' and local the file you wish to attach from your local drive.






6.Once you have located your file, click on 'Upload'




7.Click on 'Send Email'.  This will send an email (and attachment) to all members you have listed.