The Draw

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The Draw

Once all the on-line and paper Entries have been processed, you can do the Draw at the time and date previously advertised.

Before you do the Draw, scroll through the entries to make sure that an Owner does not have two Preference 1 entries.

The Draw

1.Login in the normal way.

2.Scroll down to the Club of your choice.

3.Click on the ‘Trials’ link.

4.For the Trial whose Draw you wish to perform, click on ‘Trial Enter here’


In this example, you can see that there are 31 Entries.


5.You will see a listing of all entries to the Trial. Click on the white button. This will select all entries.




6.When you have all entries selected, click on the DRAW button.




7.The computer will carry out the Draw and return a system message to say that it has done so.




8.Click on the link ‘Back to Trials’



You will now see that in this example 31 entries have entered the Draw.




9.Click on the ‘Trial Draw’ link.

10.Click on the white button to select all records.



11.Click on the ‘Move to CARD’ button.

You will see a system message ‘Entries moved to CARD’




12.Click on the ‘Back to Trials’ link.




13.You will see that, in this example, there were 31 entries, 31 went through the Draw and 31 are on the Card.



14.The Draw is now complete.