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Total management of Field Trials and Working Tests

Owning, training, working,trialling and testing dogs has increased dramatically over the past 50 years and shows no signs of diminishing in popularity. The consequence is that the demand on Field Trial Clubs and Societies is increasing; membership lists run into the hundreds, an owner can be a member of 30, 40 or more Clubs and applicants to run in a Trial or Test can well exceed 150.

Whilst the conduct of Trials and Tests is 'regulated' by the Kennel Club, it falls to a Field Trial or Working Test Secretary to administer and manage the process of organising and running a Trial or Test from start to finish. In addition there is the responsibility of managing membership lists, subscription renewals, standing orders, etc. Many have taken advantage of modern technology using office automation to help them; some (but not all) Clubs have their own web sites but the task of keeping them up to date is clearly challenging as many are out of date. Some Clubs place their Schedules on their web site and provide downloadable Entry Forms.

The problem faced by a Field Trialler or those entering Working Tests who belong to 40+ Clubs is to try to remember how they are to receive Schedules which could by post, by email or from the web site depending on the Club's preference, or a combination of all three methods.

So with modern technology and the power of the Internet, the Field Trial Management System© was conceived and born. It was born out of need and necessity and not simply because if it is a computer it must be better.

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