FTMS Club Membership System

FTMS can now offer you a membership system incorporated within Field Trial Management System©.

So what are the benefits of an on-line database?

Organise members with lists and share access with your committee.

Create lists for committee, subscription renewals, etc. and target emails or event invitations to specific lists.

Take subs/dues payments

Let your members pay their subscriptions online via credit/debit card or PayPal allowing you to track payments so that you don't miss any.

Relax in the knowledge that your data is safe

Store your member database online and never worry about having the latest version of the Excel file again. Data is backed up every 24 hours and no need to worry about your PC crashing. Goodbye Excel.

We recognise that information security is a key consideration for our members and have designed the system with this in mind. FTMSmembership© does not interface with the FTMS Owners module but is a free-standing system in its own right and is only accessible by a responsible Club Officer, normally the Membership Secretary.

Looks good, how much does it cost?

The FTMS system is available free of any charges for Clubs and Societies to use – and this remains so for the FTMSmembership© system. If Clubs should need help to migrate existing membership records into FTMS we are on hand to help. Depending on the level of support needed there may be a small associated charge which we would discuss with you at point of need.

Contact Us if you would like to benefit from the FTMS Membership system